Genetas AG is an investment company mainly focused on small and medium sized companies all over the world and in different business areas.

Double Helix as a symbol for Life Sciences, an industry where Genetas AG is focused inGenetas AG strongly believe in the future of technology and the innovation power of small and medium companies, especially in the field of life sciences, environmental-, nano-, micro-, information and communication technologies. As investment and consulting enterprise we support and engage ourselves in such businesses in order to create high returns on investment but in respect of highest ethical aspects and a sustainable development.

Genetas AG primarily seeks companies with good growth potential. Once we are engaged and working with management, we together design a cooperative strategy, capital structure and equity incentives that will encourage the achievement of mutually agreed performance.

Genetas AG is located in Basel, Switzerland, an unique center with highest concentration of successful life-science businesses in the world.



Genetas AG

Klingental 5

CH-4058 Basel


+41 61 5347660


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